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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Proactive Garage Door Tips

We know how hard it is to deal with problems related to garage doors. We also know that our customers appreciate new ideas, suggestions, and advice, which can help them handle various issues more easily. Take a look at the tips listed below to see if you find some useful and helpful information.

Do not let your kids play with the remote control

A garage door and its remote control are not kids' toys. Teach your children how to safely play in the garage or outside it in the driveway and instruct them about the risks and dangerous situations that can occur if they try to use the opener or the remote control as if they were toys. Running under a closing garage door is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injuries, and sticking fingers between the door panels as they fold or unfold is a recipe for disaster.

Inspect and lubricate the springs on a monthly basis

Garage door springs are some of the most essential parts of the entire mechanism. They are under a lot of tension on a regular basis, and will break prematurely if they aren't regularly lubricated and adjusted. While the latter task is too dangerous for you to attempt on your own, regular inspection and lubrication are definitely something you can perform. At the very least, it will help the springs last longer, and allow you to notice when they're nearing their breaking point so that you'll be able to get them replaced in a timely fashion.

Test the balance of the garage door spring regularly

For this, you need to first disengage the opener while the door is fully closed. Then you need to manually lift it until it's halfway open and let it go. If the door moves up or down from this position more than just a couple of inches, than the tension of the springs need to be adjusted. This is a dangerous task that should be carried out by experts, so let our team help.


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